Workflow reflections again

I said I would come back to the workflow issue again, and a pertinent factor in workflow thinking this last week has been the death of my home phone line. It died on Wednesday eve and we’ve been net-less ever since (suddenly I regret getting an iPad without 3G). As a consequence, however, my workflow has been somewhat interrupted. Everything is suddenly a little bit more tricky and is requiring more thought. It is more of a stutter than a flow in fact.

I am working on a chapter with a deadline for the end of the month, and in fairly typical fashion in my current workflow style, I have a folder of emails with links and notes I’ve accumulated on my work outlook account, which I suddenly can’t access so easily. I’ve put some bits in Evernote too, and can’t sync without the net. I know it’s not life threatening or really that much of a drama but it’s contributing to my ongoing thinking about workflow and learning.

I finished up spending half of Friday, which would have been a key writing day, thinking about my own development rather than about the chapter! I usually write as part of my development thinking and i didn’t even do that on computer or iPad but worked on paper. The time was really productive.

It was strangely timely too – I had met with my mentor earlier in the week and I took the unexpected personal development time to move forward with some of the things she and I discussed – in fact I spent a whole morning revisiting a 360° I’d done a couple of years ago and thinking about the changes I’d implemented and the ones I hadn’t and where I am now, and where I’m going next, scribbling notes all over the old feedback.

So, the stuttering effect of no net has actually given me unexpected time to really embed learning I’d put aside.

But I’ve still got to write the chapter …

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  1. Ironic. Good for you for making the most of what could have been a drawback.

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