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Seasons change

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks this month, with little Internet access; hence no blogging. Yes, I know I could set up blog entries to go out while I’m away, but on the small chance someone responds I would like to be able to pick it up. In someways coming back to the blog, now at the end of September makes me more aware of the seasonal changes. I’m writing this in the garden, with birds singing around me, but the smells and colours definitely signal the shift to autumn. The leaves are still on the trees, but the berries almost outnumber them! Rosehips have replaced rose petals in some places, even though one or two hardy flowers are hanging in there. And of course autumn brings a new academic year to education (whatever level of study) and a change in energy. I love the buzz it brings, and the airy mixture of excitement and anxiety. Lots of new growth and new beginnings going on there: in contrast to the endings and slowdown here in the garden.




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Another go at spine poetry: ‘Star Gazing’


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