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Writing with personality and passion

This is the kind of blog entry I wish I could write It combines style, creativity, work and the personal. It has feeling as well as evoking feeling in the reader. The writer invites us into her learning world and into a sense of adventure. It also acknowledges weakness but not in a self-indulgent way. It is also interesting! It provokes the reader to go away and think about learning. I found myself thinking about the ways in which we make sense of new learning through the familiar and loved, through our own personal worlds. Mostly we don’t talk about that aspect of learning. This blog piece reminded me that learning is emotional and tangled up with life.

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Dancing so as not to be dead

Ray Bradbury died this week. He was a writer who got the living quality of books and the rich meaning of reading and imagining worlds, both good and bad. “Life is trying things to see if they work“. He was also a man who knew about dancing. In the introduction to Illustrated Man (which is called ‘Dancing, So As Not to Be Dead’), Bradbury writes about a conversation with a waiter about dancing and writing – both represent a way to grab at life and a way to resist to the long sleep of death. ‘”I end as I began with my Parisian waiter friend, Laurent, dancing all night, dancing, dancing, dancing“. Here’s to the memory of a man who could write, and dance.

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Book quotation 1

I am fond of book related quotations; today’s favourite:
‘I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library’ Jorge Luis Borges.

Of course I’m an atheist, but heh, even atheists can dream.

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