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Elecampane smile?

We’ve grown elecampane before, and it’s a huge sunflower like plant. It gives some height in the garden and bees like it. But our current plant has a strangely deformed flower, which looks like a strange yellow smile


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Garden pleasures

I’m in the garden, in the evening quiet, knitting today’s portion of my sky scarf. I’m an intermittent knitter who is easily bored so I never can manage big projects like sweaters. Instead I search out small projects: socks, wristlets, easy scarfs, tea cosies. I also tend to have several projects underway at once if I’m in a knitting phase. I have fads if I’m honest! and probably because of this flighty approach to knitting (maybe to any ‘leisure activity’?) I was delighted to discover the sky scarf project, and I am about three weeks into my own sky scarf as the picture attests. if you are interested, here is the website for the project, with lots of pictures of sky scarfs! http://www.leafcutterdesigns.com/projects/sky-scarf.html BUT given my boredom threshold for ‘hobbies’, it will be interesting to see if I finish the scarf.

But I have wandered off into the sky scarf and knitting story, when I intended to talk about the pleasure of sitting in the garden enjoying my senses: the sound of a distant train and the last bird or two settling for the night; the rich smell of night scented stock; the sharp sweet taste of the first raspberry of the summer; and the glorious sight of the deep pink sky and the half moon already hanging large and bright.


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Watching swifts under a solstice moon

It’s been a strange Spring and Summer so far. Both Spring and Summer seem to have come together! Everything is growing at once having had such a late start. Tonight it’s the solstice, and the moon is big in a light sky. We’ve been sitting enjoying the smells of the season (whichever it is!) and the sounds of the birds, and seen a few swifts dancing the sky.

So, while everything, in theory, has a season, maybe that season isn’t quite when we think! Some things come late, and run into the back of the next thing. Life isn’t quite as ordered as we hope; but the swifts, even if few in number this year, are still dancing.


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Summer at last?


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